Why haven’t I received an answer?

We will answer all questions within 24-48 hours. If you can’t find a reply in your inbox check your spam mails first. If you cannot find our reply there either, please send us another message. Make sure you have the right address (food@turkufoodtours.fi).

Why do I need to answer all these questions when signing up on a tour?

When it is about a food tour it is really important that we know about possible allergies. To make the tour as enjoyable for you as possible we would also like to know if there are foods that you just can’t stand. We also need to know if you are a vegetarian or if you don’t drink alcohol. This way things will go more smoothly on the tour and we don’t need to spend too much time on these matters during a tight tour schedule.

I’m a vegan, should I take part in a food tour?

If you have a vegan group of your own we are able to organize a vegan tour but unfortunately we can’t take mixed groups where we can’t guarantee vegan dishes at all locations during the tour. If you are a vegetarian it is ok as long as you will let us know in advance. It is really important that we know what you can and cannot eat.

Can I bring children on a food tour?

Our food tour is quite long (3-4 hours). That might be a bit challenging for most children. If you wish to bring children with you we recommend that you will book a tour of your own and maybe bring more helping hands with you, for example grandparents.

Send us e-mail and we can plan you a shorter family tour in a convenient time of the day.

I’m especially interested in the sights of the city? What will I see?

You will of course see many interesting places and we will talk about the history and present day of Turku as well as the most interesting sights but only quite briefly. We can recommend places for you to visit in your own time but during these food tours the focus is on food and we do not visit museums, sights or churches. You will hear interesting stories and receive good hints where to go after the tour.

I don’t drink alcohol? Is the tour cheaper for me?

Unfortunately no. The restaurants we visit on the tours will try to come up with nice options for the alcoholic beverages. There is no significant difference in price. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I come just by myself?

Of course. We can’t think of a better way to find good company for lunch or dinner than joining a guided tour. On the other hand we are not able to carry out a tour just for one person. If there are no other people coming on the tour that day we will contact you and inquire if it is possible for you to take a tour on another day. If that is not possible we will of course return you money in full and you will get our Turku FOOD Tours recommends list as a hint where to go here in Turku on your own.

How far do we walk on a food tour?

The walking distance on our Historic Turku tour is approximately 3 kilometers.

Turku by the Sea is a bit longer, about 4 kilometers and it will also end in a different place from where it starts. Turku by the Sea will end near Forum Marinum sea centre but it is very easy to return back to the city center, either by foot or by bus number 1, which operates approximately every 15 minutes.

The bus fare in Turku is 3 €. During the summer time we also have a river ferry called Jakke Jokilautta and that is also a nice way to come back to the city center. It costs 6 € (until 6:00 p.m.).

Where do the tours start?

The tours start in the city center (next to the market square) in front of a white triangle shape building on the corner of Eerikinkatu and Aurakatu streets.

How will I recognize the tour guide?

The guide will have a Turku FOOD Tour sign with her until everybody has arrived. If you are running late, please give the guide a call or text her. She will then give you instructions where to join the group. We have a tight schedule and reservations on various restaurants so it is not possible for us to wait for you any longer than 5 minutes. Otherwise the whole tour schedule is in danger of getting all messed up. You will find the name and phone number of the guide in your voucher.

What is included in the price?

The price includes all food and beverages served during the meals and the services of the guide.

What if I’m running late?

The tours have a carefully planned schedule and reservations made in advance to various places so therefore we cannot wait for you any longer than 5 minutes. Call or text the guide and she will let you know where to come. You can for example show the address to the taxi driver if you have trouble finding the meeting place or you are running late.

What if I need to cancel?

If your trip to Turku gets cancelled you can still cancel your tour a week in advance and get a 90 % money reimbursement (we need to charge a 10-euro handling fee). If you need to cancel 2-6 days before the tour, you will get a 50% reimbursement. Cancellations less than 2 days before the tour are only possible with a doctor’s certificate.

What if it rains?

The weather in Finland can be very unpredictable but let’s not allow it to bother us. If it’s cold wear enough warm clothes and if it rains it’s ok for you to wear a raincoat or bring an umbrella.